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Nautilus: confirmation required with "Delete Permanently..."
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Librem 13 with 16 GB
Byzantium with all updates (last checked 24 September)

Nautilus 3.28.2-1pureos3 with other packages: nautilus-data, nautilus-gtkhash, nautilus-sendto

This is a minor bug, but it is extremely annoying to me. It appears that in consolidating the preferences of Nautilus, someone also made the decision that one must always confirm file deletion when bypassing the Trash using "Delete Permanently..."

This is the PureOS screen for settings:

This is the confirmation I always see when using "Delete Permanently..."

This is not consistent with past behavior or with the current behavior of Nautilus in Debian 11. There, Nautilus is at 3.28.2-1 with the additional packages: nautilus-wipe, nautilus-extension-brasero, nautilus-extension-gnome-terminal. (This is an older laptop with hardfile and DVD.)

Debian 11 screen for settings:

I see no confirmation when deleting. Before:


I asked the Forum if there was a setting (gsetting org.gnome.nautilus.preferences?) that would turn off this nag. I did not get an answer.

If I make a mistake, it is my fault. Assuming there is not way to turn this off, I do not want someone else dictating this path for me and changing the behavior from what is implemented. This is not a privacy or security issue.

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Wayne created this task.Sep 24 2021, 13:09
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It may have been upstream that made these changes, if so, the bug ought to go there.

Wayne added a comment.Sep 30 2021, 11:20

Please help me to understand. Why would an upstream change be reflected in Purism's version, but not Debian 11 (bullseye) at the same level?

Wayne added a comment.Oct 2 2021, 07:56

I guess this is changing. I found: 0001-general-Remove-option-to-bypass-delete-confirmation.patch. I guess I will look for a new File Manager that lets me work the way I wish. Thanks.

Wayne closed this task as Invalid.Oct 2 2021, 07:56