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Please sync from bullseye-security
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It seems security updates for bookworm aren't currently synced to byzantium. Can that be enabled?

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guido created this task.Sep 22 2021, 07:47
jeremiah.foster assigned this task to mak.Sep 22 2021, 08:10
jeremiah.foster triaged this task as High priority.
jeremiah.foster added a project: Restricted Project.
mak closed this task as Resolved.Sep 25 2021, 10:24

This was a bit tricky, as byzantium is still an in-development release and all changes should go through landing. Fortunately though, the synchrotron Laniakea module is flexible enough nowadays to accommodate for that.
I've implemented a solution which will fill up the -updates and -security suites directly for byzantium from the respective bullseye suites, while not allowing manual uploads from us which should still go through landing. That workflow should work well for byzantiums current odd in-between state between "released" and "in-development".