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Download buttons says "Hephaestus 9.0"
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The Download buttons has "Hephaestus 9.0" as as subscript so i went scrolling on the page looking for 10.0.

I see two problems

  • one thinks the download button starts the download right away (it's not obvious there's a choice afterwards)
  • the "Hephaestus 9.0" makes one believe one is getting a specific version *only* when clicking there

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guido created this task.Jul 27 2021, 00:14
jeremiah.foster added a subscriber: jeremiah.foster.

For completeness, you're referring to ?

I will work with Francois to clarify this. I think it may be best to remove the code name (Hephaestus) entirely.

jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 3 2021, 04:24
jeremiah.foster added a project: Restricted Project.Sep 22 2021, 16:36
guido added a comment.Sep 23 2021, 07:42

For completeness, you're referring to ?

absolutely. Sorry for not adding the link initially.

guido reopened this task as Open.Sep 23 2021, 07:43

Sorry for the open/close ping pong but the issue is still there (and not a dup, i'll clarify in the other issue).