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Debian logo on the Plymouth boot animation
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A Debian logo is visible on the right side of the screen during the boot animation :

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francois created this task.Mar 11 2021, 04:24
jeremiah.foster added a subscriber: jeremiah.foster.EditedFri, Mar 26, 17:00

Which hardware? Which version of plymouth? Amber or Byzantium?

You can find out which plymouth package you have with this command; dpkg -l '*plymouth*'

I ask because on my machine (Librem Mini) I don't see this.

Ghost added a subscriber: Ghost.Sat, Mar 27, 11:19
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francois added a comment.EditedSun, Mar 28, 02:37

@jeremiah.foster I am running Plymouth version 0.9.5-2pureos1. This is on a Librem 13 v3 running Byzantium.

Thinking about it, it may be an issue with the Plymouth theme itself and as I am the one who made it, I will check if I can fix that on my side. Not sure if the theme is displaying the background correctly.